BlueRidge Exotic Transport Ltd.

Welcome to BlueRidge Exotic Transport Ltd website! Please take a moment to browse our specialty trailers and exotic haulers.


BlueRidge Exotic Transport Ltd is a full fledged competitor in the growing field of specialty trailers such as 7 car enclosed exotic haulers, stacker units and race transporters capable of supporting teams at all levels of motorsport. Come visit us in our new facility we have over 120,000 square foot under roof

We invite you to explore this web lobby to see how we can serve you.

Engineered designs and renderings using state-of-the-art SolidWorks software

 Drop by the About Us page where you will learn about the decades of experience represented with our staff. Then visit our 7 car hauler page where you can discover the capabilities of our unique 7 car enclosed car haulers. Or choose the Stacker page to see product descriptions for custom built units.

 Racers should visit the Race Transporters page where we describe how we will design with you a custom rig. You will be a full participant in the process.

Visit our
liftgate page for specifications and see how we can increase your ability to haul more cars by adding NoseCone's for expanded available space.

There is more to come. Stay tuned, sign up for our mailing list . BlueRidge Exotic Transport Ltd is on the move.


We are located at

1092 S Graham St

Henrietta  Texas 76365
Phone 940.538.0353

Easy access from US 287
Just 20 minutes southeast of Wichita Falls
We have a large parking area

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